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Audit-Related Services


We can advise on issues of national and international accounting practices, risk management and internal auditing, and the prevention and detection of illegal practices.

With our made-to-measure services we support you in the management and financial controlling necessary to ensure a steady increase in business value. We optimise the reliability of your accounting and ensure compliance with the complex requirements imposed by accounting laws and standards, by stock exchanges and supervisory authorities. We respond to constantly changing requirements in the market with continuous development of our creative and innovative approaches.

Local GAAP

With staff experienced in handling all standard accounting packages including SAP, we can provide constructive support in your accounting department. In the field of classic and strategic financial controlling, we can support you by setting up appropriate reporting packages to your own specifications.

International GAAP

The globalisation of financial markets and compliance with European Union directives call for financial statements which conform to the international standard. Experts in our team ensure that your financial statements are understood worldwide (IAS/US-GAAP).

Risk Management

In times of stagnating sales markets, when entire sectors are confronted by plummeting revenues, high risk premiums, overcapacity and more difficulty in raising capital resources, it is vital to take corrective action in a timely and efficient manner. Up-to-date, comprehensive and effective risk management is more important than ever. We help you to identify and take advantage of opportunities while managing and minimising risks.