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Business Advisory Services

Starting up and running businesses, buying and selling, restructuring and recapitalisation, effecting management buy-outs or entering into joint ventures: these are just a few of the many challenges facing businesses as they move with the times in an age of increasing globalisation. They call for a range of advisory services in the fields of business management, taxation and law, which we are glad to provide.


When it comes to safeguarding and increasing your private assets, we are expert, reliable and trustworthy partners. We come up with solutions which integrate both business and tax considerations as well as your specific personal interests.

Mergers & Acquisitions


We have specialists in Mergers & Aquisitions, financial auditing, tax and business advisory services. With their detailed, up-to-date — and international — expertise on industries and markets, your transactions will benefit from their support. Our experts work closely together, „hand in glove”. This enables us to offer you a complete transaction package tailored to you and your business and covering all services, from preparation of a project to its successful conclusion.


We are on hand with advice and practical assistance with

  • Company purchases and sales
  • Participating interests
  • Planning for succession
  • Management buy-outs
  • Cooperation /Joint Ventures
  • Raising growth capital


Transaction Support

Company Purchases

If you are buying a business, our experts will guide you in closer scrutiny of the true status of the relevant company. On your behalf they will investigate financial, commercial, legal, tax und vendor „due diligence″ aspects. In response to any risks uncovered, you can insist on contractual guarantees, reconsider the purchase price or your purchase decision itself.

Transaction Tax

Tax Planning

To conclude business purchases and sales with financial success, tax planning arrangements are indispensable. The essential point is to consider tax planning well in advance of concrete negotiations.


This is where the work of our experts begins: based on a thorough analysis of your business they will present you with proposals for tax optimisation and an implementation strategy.

Choice of Legal Form

Changes to Tax Law

Constant changes to tax law mean that year after year, companies must consider whether their current legal form or corporate structure is the most tax efficient. On your behalf we review more tax efficient alternatives and present you with any relevant suggestions.

Company Formation

In the event that you are forming a company we are glad to assist you with issues concerning the choice of legal form.

Legal Consultancy


Our all-round advisory expertise comprises not only tax and business management factors but also legal guidance on company and partnership law.

In this area we cooperate with renowned firms of attorneys specialising in business and tax law, and support you in concluding contracts of all kinds „in personam” and „in rem”. For example

Legal Consultancy


  • Purchasing and selling real estate
  • Granting building leases
  • Concluding leasing contracts and agreements on deliveries and services
  • Forming companies of all kinds, incorporated in any legal form
  • Drafting partnership, consortium and company agreements
  • Demergers or business leases
  • Company reorganisations, mergers, partnership separations and division of businesses
  • Restructuring of entire corporate groups
  • Buying and selling companies and participating interests
  • Assistance with Due Diligence audits
  • Conversion of businesses into public limited companies including stock market flotation


Restructuring and insolvency advice


Preserving company value — at times this is only possible by instituting sweeping changes. The necessary steps include an thorough preliminary analysis of the company's current situation, with possible correction of unproductive trends.


Then we work jointly with you to devise solutions which are tailored to your business and the exigencies of your market. Restructuring and recapitalisation, insolvency advice and management, voluntary liquidation and post-merger integration are just some of our areas of expertise.

Private client consultancy

Asset Planning

Safeguarding and increasing private assets — that means ensuring profitability and liquidity and minimising tax. Here, besides business, fiscal and legal considerations, it is important to take family and personal factors into account.


So our private client consultancy revolves around safeguarding your specific personal interests. You can rely not only on our professional competence, but also on our independence and trustworthiness.

Private client consultancy

Advisory Services

Our interdisciplinary approach to consultancy encompasses all areas relevant to your assets:

  • National and international tax and financial planning
  • Tax minimisation for investment decisions
  • Business restructuring
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Planning and advice on asset transfer, succession including inheritance and gift tax planning
  • Establishment of foundations