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Financial Auditing

Service Level

Our services in the auditing field range across a wide spectrum, including group audits, special-purpose audits and business appraisals. We make it a principle to tailor our audits to your needs. Our competence and professionalism guarantee the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our national and international auditing work.

Annual Accounts

Auditing annual accounts and other financial reports is one of the central elements of our service portfolio, the other being tax consultancy. Our core competence is in assessing financial information in the process of auditing annual accounts and consolidated accounts. Objective audit results ensure greater reliability of information for all decision-makers. You can trust our objective judgement, confident in the knowledge of our team's competence and integrity.

Our spectrum of services

  • Auditing of annual accounts and consolidated accounts according to German HGB, IAS and US-GAAP
  • Dependent company report auditing
  • Securities account auditing
  • Auditing in connection with company flotations
  • Auditing statements of account
  • Auditing the plausibility of financial projections
  • Assessment of reporting by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board
  • Auditing spin-off accounts (carve-out)
  • Auditor's review of annual and interim accounts

Special Audits

Alongside standard audits of annual and consolidated accounts, the category „special-purpose audits” refers to audits carried out mainly to meet statutory auditing requirements. This include situations such as special audits for inadmissible undervaluation, formation audits for incorporating companies, valuations in connection with non-cash contributions, reorganisation audits and merger audits.

We can also conduct voluntary special-purpose audits; for instance, auditing recapitalisation concepts, auditing for potential or actual insolvency, and/or business overextension with a risk of insolvency, public funding appropriation audits, and prospectus audits.


We provide business appraisal services including company valuations, which can be conducted for any reason and in any role, even on an international level. We also audit recapitalisation concepts, ascertain losses for court and out-of-court cases, conduct Due Diligence assessments, property valuations and calculate business interruption losses.